The Quick-and-Easy Harry Potter Party

By Sam F.

This weekend, I put Dana’s post to the test with a Harry Potter-themed birthday extravaganza, a party that was long overdue for a New York apartment named Malfoy Manor. While Dana’s party sounds incredible, it’s also impossible to pull off for three twenty-somethings on a budget who only have one short week to plan. So we did the knock-off version. The Pigfarts version, if you will.

With Halloween approaching, it was easy to find decorations at our local dollar store (as well as our beloved fruit stand, where we picked up pumpkins and decorative gourds). For less than our average Seamless order, we found cauldrons, cobwebs, streamers and cups, candles, balloons, a Sorting Hat, and a window marker for writing ominous messages about the Chamber of Secrets. We also splurged on this:


As I said, this is the Pigfarts version, and it isn’t a Harry Potter party without a Boss Zefron Poster. It may or may not be my most prized possession. (Hint: It’s a Horcrux).

 We used pins and ribbon to hang candles, letters, and streamers from the ceiling. To really impress our friends, we found a recording of Moaning Myrtle on YouTube, put it on repeat, and hid a phone in the bathroom. Seriously, who needs Universal Studios when you have friends like us?


 Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time or the money or the house elves to put together a feast, but we did have a few simple snacks, the most impressive being the “Happee Birthdae Harry” cake that Hagrid gives to Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone.

 We paid a little more attention to the alcohol. We made butterbeer from this recipe, but also charmed our basic liquors by replacing labels. We had Firewhiskey, Avodka Kedavra, Expecto Patrón, Obliviate, and Jelly-Legs Jinx.


For the purpose of imbibing said alcohol, we took full advantage of the absurd amount of cups featured in the Harry Potter canon. Thus, five lucky chosen ones could drink from either the House Cup, the Quidditch Cup, the Goblet of Fire, the Triwizard Cup, or Hufflepuff’s Cup. If a guest didn’t get a special cup, they needn’t fear! They could still choose a cup that represented their Hogwarts House.


For our party playlist, we picked Halloween-y songs, as well as any songs that mention magic:  Dark Horse, Werewolves of London, Magic Man, Love Potion #9, etc.

And, of course, we encouraged costumes.


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