Hello, Internet.

We’re Pudding Shot, a shiny new blog written by a group of friends and colleagues who wanted to give the world a little literary buzz. Here you’ll find pieces in a diverse range of “flavors,” covering a wide variety of topics in fiction, nonfiction, and anything we can examine with a literary eye. You’ll hear from different voices on the storytelling craft; having fun; working hard; and, because we’re literary-type people, the motley, multifaceted richness of the human experience. (You can trust us on these matters because we can write real literary sentences with proper semicolons and phrases like “motley, multifaceted richness.”)

We’re aiming to post twice per week on Mondays and Fridays, so follow us to receive alerts for every post or check back on for new content. Hopefully we’ll increase that schedule to three posts a week. We also have future plans to work with and publish posts from guest authors, so every so often you’ll meet someone totally new. We’ll have more on how this works in the future.

 Who are we?

Pudding Shot started with a group of recent college graduates. Our foundational staff all belonged to the same “writers’ group” at school, a social circle brought together by our shared interest in writing stories and helping each other improve our pieces and writing skills. We all have experience in collective publications, most of us from the same literary magazine, and formal education in creative writing. Quite a few of us work professionally in publishing, editing, or communications, and we’re all still writing our stories.

This blog is our labor of love, designed so we can share our voices and perspectives with the world and continue writing together, but it does not belong exclusively to the “writers’ group” we started with. Our staff may change and grow as we do, and we always offer a warm welcome to new writers and friends. Though we want to keep our staff list stable for a little while as we get Pudding Shot rolling, we are open to widening the circle in the future.

Why “Pudding Shot?”

Pudding shots are sweet and fun with a real kick. You put in some time and care to serve them well, they’re tasty, they’re incredibly versatile—strawberry shortcake, Aztec dark chocolate, butterscotch latte—with lots of room for creativity and imagination, and they’re a bit of a rarity on the cocktail scene.