Our Silence

Hello again, Pudding Shot readers,

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything this week. The truth is that, while we are not a blog that focuses on the political realm, many of our writers have needed to take time out to process the results of the US election, and figure out how we want to move forward in the coming years. We’ve been spending extra time with friends and family, having long and sometimes difficult conversations, making phone calls and sending letters, and trying to find joy in the smallest of things. While Pudding Shot is very important to all of us, we felt that a week away would enable us to come back with everything we have, instead of hastily posting articles that our hearts weren’t really in.

No matter what your political affiliation is, we’re sending you some Pudding Shot love, and hope you’ll be back with us in a few weeks.


The Quick-and-Easy Harry Potter Party

By Sam F.

This weekend, I put Dana’s post to the test with a Harry Potter-themed birthday extravaganza, a party that was long overdue for a New York apartment named Malfoy Manor. While Dana’s party sounds incredible, it’s also impossible to pull off for three twenty-somethings on a budget who only have one short week to plan. So we did the knock-off version. The Pigfarts version, if you will.

With Halloween approaching, it was easy to find decorations at our local dollar store (as well as our beloved fruit stand, where we picked up pumpkins and decorative gourds). For less than our average Seamless order, we found cauldrons, cobwebs, streamers and cups, candles, balloons, a Sorting Hat, and a window marker for writing ominous messages about the Chamber of Secrets. We also splurged on this:


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The Historical Heroines We Need to See

By Sam F.

I’m a sucker for novelizations of historical figures’ lives, especially when those historical figures are women whom time has overlooked. Unfortunately, many of these novels—even my favorites—place their emphasis on the woman’s relation to a man. Just check out some of the titles. The Paris Wife. Loving Frank. America’s First Daughter. The Other Einstein. Before you even open the book, the protagonist is defined by a male relative—in these instances, Ernest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.

While I applaud the authors for giving attention to the women behind these men, I have to wonder: where are the novels about the women who aren’t defined by their marriages and fathers? While they do exist—Stephanie Thornton’s “Daughter of the Gods”, a novel about Hatshepsut, is a great example—they rarely make a splash.

So, authors. I came up with a few suggestions. The women below aren’t remembered much, but when they are, it’s not for their marriages.

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We’re Going to a Wedding


Hi, Pudding Shot readers!

This is a heads-up to let you know we’re on hiatus until next Friday (09/23), because… Michael and Jessica are getting married! We’re all heading down to William & Mary, our alma mater, to attend the wedding and shower congratulations on them. We’ll be back with our usual articles in a week.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

-The Pudding Shot staff

On Journaling: Sam’s Tips

By Sam F.

I received my first diary when I was nine. I loved the writing exercises we did in school, and while I wrote silly poems at home, I had never before considered keeping a journal. Soon, I was hooked. I haven’t stopped journaling since.

In high school, I was embarrassed by it (then again, I was embarrassed by everything in high school), but when I got to college, I realized that a lot of people kept journals. Now I talk about it openly, and I often encounter people who would like to keep a journal, but aren’t sure how to go about it. So here is some advice from a self-declared pro:

What if I don’t have anything to write about?

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Ridiculous Plot Summaries: Installment #1

Welcome to a new series on Pudding Shot, in which we come up with plot summaries that may or may not be an accurate representation of the books in question. (That’s for you to decide. We’d love to hear your views on this in the comments.) Today’s victims are an eclectic crew: Alexandre Dumas’ THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, Aaron Starmer’s SPONTANEOUS, and Christopher Paolini’s ERAGON.

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