4 Ways to Level Up Your Cosplay Look 

Replicating your favorite character’s flawless skin and airbrushed look may take a little bit of makeup – or a lot, if you’re cosplaying Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. And for newbie cosplayers, makeup can be daunting.
But weirdly enough, cosplay can be a great way to dive into makeup. Cosplay is all about learning new skills and techniques – and in a way, so is makeup. So while I’m no guru, here are four simple ways I think you can level up your cosplay look. These tips are general and can apply to any character. Try them out before your next con!

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5 Tips For Your First Con

5 Tips For Your First Con

Why yes, that header image is me as Gogo Tomago from Disneys Big Hero 6. And yes, that is me posing like a doofus with Durarara!! cutouts. Deal with it. 

Going to an anime convention is a pretty big step for fans. They’re big, they’re scary, they’re full of people—but they’re also really, REALLY fun. So for anyone who’s about to prepare for their first con, or for anyone that’s interested in going to one, here are my top five tips for con newbies.

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