Our Silence

Hello again, Pudding Shot readers,

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything this week. The truth is that, while we are not a blog that focuses on the political realm, many of our writers have needed to take time out to process the results of the US election, and figure out how we want to move forward in the coming years. We’ve been spending extra time with friends and family, having long and sometimes difficult conversations, making phone calls and sending letters, and trying to find joy in the smallest of things. While Pudding Shot is very important to all of us, we felt that a week away would enable us to come back with everything we have, instead of hastily posting articles that our hearts weren’t really in.

No matter what your political affiliation is, we’re sending you some Pudding Shot love, and hope you’ll be back with us in a few weeks.


Go Vote!

Hey Pudding Shot readers,

Today’s post is just a quick message to encourage all American citizens among you to get out there and VOTE. It’s one of our most important rights as human beings, not just Americans, and it’s completely up to us to decide the results of this tumultuous election. Let’s make it count.

Sending love and strength to each one of you.


-The Pudding Shot Staff

NaNoWriMo: Tips and Tricks for Staying Alive and Typing

Completely unbelievably, this is my eighth year participating in the slightly horrifying, always interesting, yearly tradition known as National Novel Writing Month. For my first three years, I took the challenge very seriously and hit 50,000 words every November; after that, I felt I’d learned what NaNo was meant to teach me and became what is known as a “rebel” by setting my own goals. If you think you might be interested in writing a novel this month, here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.

  1. Make a pact with yourself to not care about the quality of your novel.

This is the most important rule. NaNoWriMo invariably produces messy first drafts, not pristine manuscripts ready to be sent off to agents, and that’s why I always recommend this challenge to friends who are having trouble getting past their inner editors. If you’ve never finished a novel before, finishing NaNoWriMo will prove to you that you can do it, which is invaluable knowledge for anyone with bookish ambitions. It will also prove to you that writing is a process, and Stage One of that process is going to be (as mentioned) slightly horrifying.

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The Quick-and-Easy Harry Potter Party

By Sam F.

This weekend, I put Dana’s post to the test with a Harry Potter-themed birthday extravaganza, a party that was long overdue for a New York apartment named Malfoy Manor. While Dana’s party sounds incredible, it’s also impossible to pull off for three twenty-somethings on a budget who only have one short week to plan. So we did the knock-off version. The Pigfarts version, if you will.

With Halloween approaching, it was easy to find decorations at our local dollar store (as well as our beloved fruit stand, where we picked up pumpkins and decorative gourds). For less than our average Seamless order, we found cauldrons, cobwebs, streamers and cups, candles, balloons, a Sorting Hat, and a window marker for writing ominous messages about the Chamber of Secrets. We also splurged on this:


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Three YA Books to Curl Up with for Utmost Autumn Hygge

Hygge, a Danish word that is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, is a concept that basically means “huddling up in front of a crackling log fire with a fuzzy blanket, a purring cat, and a bowl of cheese fondue, whilst rain patters outside, scented candles fill the house, and your favorite atmospheric music plays in the background”. That feeling of being totally, contentedly, hedonistically quiet, because that is your reward for living in a place where it gets cold during the year. Hygge fits in very well with the bookish life.

Here is a list of three young adult novels that embody the autumn spirit—perfect for a day off or a blustery November evening.


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Expecto Patronum!

Having unintentionally become Pudding Shot’s Harry Potter correspondent, I thought I would keep up my streak and discuss the much-anticipated Patronus quiz that blew up the Internet this week.


Like many childhood midnight release party attenders, I have a fairly distrusting relationship with Pottermore. From the news that the Sorting Test was rigged to keep any one house from getting overcrowded, to the endless teasers that didn’t usually result in much, to the sudden rehashing of the site that mostly meant lots of listicles, I’ve always felt it lacked a lot of the potential it had as the online home of Harry Potter news.

And yet. I love personality quizzes, the nature vs. nurture debate, and any kind of theory about what makes up our characters. I’m a hardcore MBTI enthusiast and have a wealth of thoughts about the Enneagram, although I’m a bit skeptical about its accuracy. The personality quizzes, beyond anything else, are what keep me coming back to Pottermore.

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We’re Going to a Wedding


Hi, Pudding Shot readers!

This is a heads-up to let you know we’re on hiatus until next Friday (09/23), because… Michael and Jessica are getting married! We’re all heading down to William & Mary, our alma mater, to attend the wedding and shower congratulations on them. We’ll be back with our usual articles in a week.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

-The Pudding Shot staff