How Overwatch is Overthrowing League of Legends

How Overwatch is Overthrowing League of Legends

It’s the subject every gamer has been buzzing about: as of June 20th, Overwatch overtook League of Legends as the most-played game in Korean internet cafes. These cafes, or “PC bangs,” are the ultimate battleground for MMO’s: if you can make it in the gaming industry’s number one hotbed, you can make it anywhere.

Korean Stats Tweet Picture
When a co-owner of an official League eSports team tweets about Overwatch, you know there’s gonna be an uproar.


And Overwatch did, dethroning League of Legends from its four-year streak as the most popular game at 30% over 27.86%. Should League of Legends be making a riot out of this? Probably not. But Blizzard’s new first-person shooter could pose problems in the future for Riot. Not because of its marketing strategy, but rather its content.

As someone who has had experience playing both games, I’ll be going into detail on how Overwatch trumps League of Legends not by the numbers, but through its compelling storyline and diverse cast.

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The Fan’s Party Planner: Undertale

The Fan’s Party Planner: Undertale

I’m sure everyone and their goat mom has heard about Undertale by now, but the hype is real, it’s great, I loved it, I highly recommend playing it! (In fact, if you haven’t played it yet, you should check it out now while it’s on sale on Steam.) The game is a lot of fun and designed to deeply engage the player for multiple runs. With a retro style and deceptively simple gameplay, its impressive ability to reach the player’s emotions (it gives you the feels) through fascinating storytelling, innovative game mechanics that speak directly to the theme, excellent world-building and music, and a lovable cast truly sets it apart from other games in its genre and our expectations of what video games can do. It also lends itself easily to parties, so I’ve cooked up a ridiculous amount of food, a skele-ton of fun games and puzzles, and a variety of decorations to recreate the vibrant world and adventure of Undertale for you and your friends.

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Dana and Libby Review “Don’t Starve”

Don’t Starve is a ruthless survival-horror-adventure game for the PC where everything is crazy and all of the consequences are permanent. When you die, you die. You lose all your stuff. You don’t get to restart, you don’t get to reload. The world itself and everything in it is out to kill you by any means possible, including by starvation (duh), forest fire, monster attack, bigger monster attack, lightning strike, killer swamp vines, killer bees, killer goose-moose giant hybrids, frog rain, Scottish walruses in kilts, Krampus, werepigs, giant spiders, spoiled food, the messed-up manifestations of your own steadily slipping sanity, and Charlie the two-strike monster in the darkness.

We swear, though, it’s brutally good fun.

You choose a quirky character with his or her individual perks and weaknesses and go out into this strange, humanless country with the sole purpose of staying alive long enough to, maybe, find a way off this otherworldly island and figure out why you’re here. You forage, hunt, gather resources, build, fight, explore, and delve into the darker sides of science and magic just to last another day, another season. Of course, the game doesn’t actually tell you what to do to get there. Or really how to leave. If you can leave.

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