Dana W.


Dana works as the online content editor for an education company. She has accepted her college English major as an integral piece of her identity, and she will happily write pages upon pages or talk your ear off about books, writing, characters, storytelling, feminism, philosophy, video games and generally “English major the heck out of” everything she can. She is currently working on a novel about sad birds (and a screenplay about witches and a short story about a gardener and a short story about a selkie and a novella about superheroes and…). When not writing, reading, or getting attached to characters on the screen, she enjoys drinking absurdly sweet coffee, admiring large and small natural bodies of water, having passionate conversations with friends, and making baby noises at her cat.

Top 3 Topics: Writing, Video Games, Literary Analysis
Favorite Word: Effervescent
Favorite Place to Write: Beaches, coffee shops
Biggest Writing Peeve: Writing an entire, hopelessly beautiful story word by word in the shower and totally forgetting it when the water turns off.
Would Spend $20 On: Chocolate, if it’s on sale. You can get a lot of chocolate that way. Or a book or a nice sweater. Or journals. A large bottle of fancy bubble bath. Several artisan soap bars.
Top 5 Characters They’d Like to Go to Dinner With: Captain William Laurence (meaning Temeraire will be there whether he is invited or not, score 2 for 1), Hermione Granger, Blue Sargent, Ballister Blackheart, Beka Cooper, and/or Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Any 5 out of 6 together will make for a very rowdy Justice Party.)
Top 3 Formative Childhood Movies/Games: The Last Unicorn (film), Kiki’s Delivery Service, Kingdom Hearts
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: Tamora Pierce’s Tortall Sagas, The Chronicles of Narnia, Black Beauty
Secret Talent: Jewelry-making
Favorite kind of pudding shot: Dark chocolate cinnamon
Also Found On: Twitter, @JinxProof

Jen L.


Merpaderp Jen

Jen is a junior copywriter at an advertising agency. She swears she isn’t a weaboo – but she’s lying, she’s totally a weaboo, don’t believe anything she says. Though most of her life revolves around anime, JRPGs, and American television, Jen is seriously passionate about diversity and gender. And you can easily get her into a sociological tizzy if you wanted to. When she isn’t doing her actual job or contributing (kickass) content to Pudding Shot, she reviews beauty products on her personal blog, TBD.

Top 3 Topics: Gaming, Television, Sociology
Favorite Word: Debonair
Biggest Writing Peeve: When you forget to write a good idea down before bed.
Unanswered question they want answered: Why do kickass Asian women characters always have purple hair streaks in movies?
Would Spend $20 On: Secondhand videogames
Top 5 characters they’d most like to go to dinner with: Frank Underwood, Red Reddington, Furiosa, Tadashi Hamada (he’d be uncomfortable), and Brock from Pokemon. Just to see if I can open his eyes.
Secret talent: Cosplaying
Favorite kind of pudding shot: Salted Caramel Mocha
Top 3 Formative Childhood Movies/TV: Mulan, The Power Puff Girls, and Samurai Jack.
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: The Thief Lord. That’s honestly it lol
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Libby A.

EditorIMG_0852 (2)

Libby has recently moved back to the DC area. She enjoys foggy weather, making exciting plans, and analyzing her favorite books until they explode. In her spare time, she edits manuscripts for friends, loiters in independent bookshops, and writes novels while drowning herself in chai. Despite having a curse that manifests fifty percent of the time she travels, she is usually plotting some sort of adventure involving airplanes.

Top 3 Topics: Writing, books, human rights.
Favorite Word: Clishmaclaver.
Favorite Place to Write: A quiet coffee shop with large windows.
Biggest Writing Peeve: When your plot isn’t working, but you can’t figure out why.
Unanswered question they want answered: What was the nasty thing in the woodshed?
Would Spend $20 On: Ghost tour tickets.
Top 5 characters they’d most like to go to dinner with: Remus Lupin, Chrestomanci, Cordelia Naismith, Lauren Olamina, Frances the Badger. And Chainsaw the raven to sit on my shoulder.
Secret talent: Gourmet crepe-making.
Favorite kind of pudding shot: Chocolate orange.
Top 3 Formative Childhood Movies/Games: I was a freak of nature who didn’t really watch movies as a child.
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: The Two Princesses of Bamarre, all of The Martha YearsThe Story of May.

Emma S.

Contributing Writer Emma's Insufferable Hipster Persona

Emma writes opinions about movies for an online publication in the vicinity of where she lives. She spends the rest of her time hunched over her computer watching Netflix and writing short stories and telling people more than they wanted to know about bugs. Her favorite food, currently, is tangerines.

Top 3 Topics: Movies, Books, Science Fiction (also Bugs)
Favorite Word: numinous
Favorite Place to Write: in the spare room in front of the big window so I can look outside and watch birds and procrastinate
Biggest Writing Peeve: when you know the mouthfeel of the word you want and you spend half an hour on looking at synonyms trying to figure out what the exact word is
An unanswered question they want answered: why am I still spelling it “theif”
Would Spend $20 on: colorful and interesting socks
Top 5 characters they’d most like to go to dinner with: Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, the Marquis de Carabas from Neverwhere, Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks except I doubt she’d ever want to hang out with me, every person Tilda Swinton has ever played, the Zodiac killer just so I can find out who it really is
Secret talent: I can tie a knot in a cherry stem (with my tongue, specifically, not with my hands, although I can do that too)
Favorite kind of pudding shot: I’ve only ever had one pudding shot in my life am I still allowed to be here
Top 3 Formative Childhood Movies/Games: Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, Dune by Frank Herbert
Also Found On: Twitter, @stefabsky

Sam F.

Contributing Writer

Sam works in the subsidiary rights department of a Big 5 publishing company, where she gets to combine her love of children’s books with her enthusiasm for foreign languages and travel. One time, she thought she was going to be an archaeologist. That ended quickly.

Top 3 Topics: History, Travel, the Written Word
Favorite word: I like all words equally.
Favorite Place to Write: Madison Square Park
Biggest Writing Peeve: Releasing a breath you didn’t realize you were holding.
An unanswered question they want answered: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Would spend $20 on: A cozy hat. Patterned tights. Wine.
Top 5 characters they’d most like to go to dinner with: Nikolai Lantsov, Sirius Black, Dr. Livesey, Pilar (from For Whom the Bell Tolls), Count Olaf
Secret talent: Hablo español.
Favorite kind of pudding shot: Chocolate.
Top 3 Formative childhood Movies/Games: The Road to El Dorado, the Harry Potter films, Super Smash Bros. Melee
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: The Thief Lord, Holes, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Also Found On: Twitter, @SamBFarkas/Personal Blog,

Michael M.10428686_349742671894597_8269410516738933743_n

Contributing Writer/Custodian

Michael lives a life of inner-city crime by day and works as an admin assistant at a church by night. Or vice versa. He’s currently looking for any sort of meaning in life, and writes a whole bunch of stuff all the time. When it’s not fiction or poetry, it’s probably about A Song of Ice and Fire.

Top 3 Topics: A Song of Ice and Fire, Bideo Gams, SFF.
Favorite Word: Dapple.
Favorite Place to Write: A state of desperation.
Biggest Writing Peeve: Ugly words. Dialogue that tries too hard to be “genuine.”
An unanswered question they want answered: how do i write
Would Spend $20 On: george r r martin collectibel merchandise
Top 5 characters they’d most like to go to dinner with: Jaime Lannister, Stannis Baratheon, Bilbo Baggins (pre-ring), Jessica from Dune, Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Secret talent: Fluent in ubbi dubbi.
Favorite kind of pudding shot: obviously Baileys
Top 3 Formative Childhood Movies/Games: The Legend of Zelda (NES), Star Wars (pick one of the originals), The Fellowship of the Ring.
Top 3 Formative Childhood Books: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, The Long Patrol by Brian Jacques, and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.
Also Found On: Twitter, @the_bookshelf_M. Also has a blog for ASOIAF/video game stuff. Also does collab stuff with a buddy under @bookshelfmm aka Bookshelf Productions.